Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hog Attack!

 While Dad, Will and I were out looking for maverick cows, Killer decided cattle were too boring and he thought he would do a little hog hunting.  While riding brush I jumped a boar hog and Killer seeing this took off after him into the neighbors very brushy pasture.  Once I met back up with Dad and Will I told him Killer was on a hog in the neighbors and he handed me the gun, said "Go shoot the hog, bring Killer back, and we will keep riding looking for cows and we will meet back up with you later."  This wasn't a big deal as we have caught and killed many hogs in this exact same place on numerous occasions.  I tied my horse, "Sunny", to the fence and started towards the barking through the brush.  After about a 1/2 mile walk, I can hear that I am getting very close, but because of the thickness of the brush I am unable to see anything.  The hogs had made tunnels through the brush and I had to literally bend over to walk through the tunnels.  The next thing I remember is seeing a black hog headed straight for me and nowhere for me to go.  The walls of these tunnels were so dense they formed walls that couldn't be passed through.  The boar ran into my legs and knocked me over and started biting my ankles.  I was so scared!  Kicking and screaming I knew I couldn't let him get to my upper body.  I had to keep him down at my legs.  I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't just keep going (this was because Killer was keeping him there with me).  Thank goodness I was wearing boots because most of the biting was down on my ankles and my boots protected me from getting cut. After the initial shock and the need to fight desperately for my life wore off I remembered I had a gun.  I had a really good shot since he was STILL Chewing on my leg. One shot and he was dead.  Thank goodness the gun was loaded and ready.  I wasn't sure at first that I had been cut because my jeans were completely in tact, no rip or tear.  Sure, my leg hurt sooooo bad, but I thought I managed to get out unscathed.  I put my belt around killer's neck and started the walk back to my horse.  We stopped at a waterhole for Killer to cool off.  Once I made it back to my horse (so glad he was till there), I noticed blood on my pants just above my boots.  Still not thinking it was a big deal, I went and found Dad and Will, we found and gathered more cattle, and pushed them back to the pens.  Once back at the pens, I finally dismounted and looked at my leg!  I was told I was to go straight to the hospital.  So I did, and lots of needles, one tetanus shot, and 8 stitches later, my leg looked lovely. Ha!  What an experience!  What a story!  A day I will never forget and hopefully never have to relive.

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